Some might say that creating art is intimidating. Others may even claim that it’s only for the wealthy or skilled but remember that, when we were kids, everyone drew!

Whether it’s a self-portrait, a fictitious creature, or an imaginary friend, children usually doodled with gusto, no matter how different their works of art ended up looking compared to the subject.

To show that art can be for everyone—not just for the talented—SABAW asked people of varying ages and professions to channel their inner child and creativity by drawing their favorite pair of shoes, as memory or a pair seen in dream.

 Chrisel, 43
Senior Brand Manager

Luis, 8
3rd Grade Student

Irene, 42
Choir Member
Person with Disability

Alexi, 14
10th Grade Student

Dino, 45

Iya, 69
Mother of 6

Marissa, 46

Dianne, 19
Household Helper

Tomas, 11
6th Grade Student