You know that feeling when you finally won the lottery?

No? Me neither. But I heard bells when I finally realized I’d be able to attend a workshop I’d bookmarked since last year! It’s raw.tura’s Rotational Pattern and Relief Woodcarving Workshop. raw.tura is a local furniture design company that makes custom furniture.

They give workshops such as this for limited slots since the short term training (around three hours) needs supervision—you are handling sharp carving tools and all. Kids are allowed but only with parental consent.

Here’s Anna, one of the owners of raw.tura, and Kuya Elmer, an expert wood carver for thirty years now who made carving look easy with just a few taps

I’ve been wanting to try out woodcarving because the would-be experience hits close to home. It would make me reminisce about my childhood when I would linger around my house during construction, getting my father’s carpentry tools, yadah yadah. . .Also, I wanted to train my focus and spend time doing one thing.


The work table, Gmelina wood, and various tools.

It never really occurred to me how short the time was for carving as a beginner. It needed muscle power as you keep your own rhythmic pounding. I used a chisel and hammer on the Gmelina wood slab and followed the contour I set for myself, or on a free pattern they offered. I created my own pattern, which became quite intricate as it developed on wood.

It looked good in my head.

Despite trying to do my work quick, making mistakes, and trying to make up for the said mistakes, it dawned on me that I just needed to focus on what I can do now. I could always finish it at home—you can order tools from them if you so wanted!


“Ayaw pa rin nya magpa-awat.”

True. It’s days like this I wish I ate more protein and did strength training, or regularly exercised with something other than long walks to our office.

I was also lucky enough to sit beside Lorna, who was doing advanced woodcarving. She was carving out a leaf pattern out of a two-inch thick Gmelina wood block. She cheered us on, like a stage mom. At times like these, we were #blessed

So, if you like trying out different workshops to keep your mind and body active, well then, this workshop might just be therapeutic for you. It can even turn into your new business venture?

Go to raw.tura for their works and the next schedule of workshops.

 All photos courtesy of the author