For Global Sexual Abuse Awareness Month, Bahay Tuluyan, a non-profit organization that helps marginalized and abused children, posted a powerful yet difficult video to watch. In the Philippines alone, there over 7000 cases where children are forced into sexual intercourse from 2011 to 2016, yet there are more instances that go unreported out of the victim’s fear. “Disgusting Stories” shows these otherwise-silent victims expressing their trauma through simple illustrations. In giving a voice to these victims, the video educates netizens on the need to protect our children.

Stop the Silence

These are stories of children that we cannot be silent about. Help us help them. Call us at ‎+63 2 254 0212.Trigger warning – this video contains drawings that depict sexual abuse of children.

Posted by Bahay Tuluyan on Monday, April 30, 2018

The film shows actual illustrations done by children, compiled in collaboration with sociologist Dr. Elspeth McInnes of the University of South Australia, and reveal how each was sexually violated. McInnes’ research suggests that the perpetrators are often adults that children know and trust, making the vocal disclosure of the abuse difficult for them.

Grammy-nominated song “Torn” also lends a narrative to “Disgusting Stories” with its graphic lyrics and gut-wrenching melody. Along with the composers’ permission and support for the abuse victims, they have also expressed their intent to make a donation to Bahay Tuluyan. Bahay Tuluyan actively encourages donations or volunteering to help put a stop to these crimes against children.

A Bahay Tuluyan hotline (+63 2 254 0213) is available for those who wish to report suspected and actual child abuse. For more information on Bahay Tuluyan and its initiatives, visit their website at