Chris Cornell

Cornell was found dead in his hotel room on May 18, 2017. Without evidence of foul play, a Michigan medical examiner ruled the cause of his death a suicide.


Chris Cornell was one of my musical heroes and I couldn’t be more thankful for the way his voice, his music and his message has resonated with me all through these years.

For me he represented a voice of a generation that was angry, lost, and looking for a voice that embodied the struggle to escape the perceived misgivings of life at the time.

Soundgarden’s trademark groove, Cornell’s poignant lyrics, coupled with an unmistakable tone and timbre gave us an aural hook, a catalyst for emotional release and, most importantly, the inspiration and belief to overcome all of the challenges we faced. His music imbued us with the strength to carry on.

Dylan Pizarro, Guitars for Cog and Plane Divides the Sky

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