During the 75th Golden Globe Awards, household name Oprah Winfrey was honored with the Cecil B. Demille Award by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for her outstanding contribution in the entertainment industry. With many awards and achievements under her belt, the entertainer has also been named the world’s most influential and powerful woman in the world for her philantropic acts such as providing grants for non-profit organizations, and being involved in the passing of the 1993 National Child Protection Act.

“Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.”

Winfrey is the first black woman to receive the Cecil B. DeMille Award. In her acceptance speech, she reminisced about the time she was a little girl watching Sidney Poitier become the first black man to win an Oscar, who later also won the same award she was just given. That moment was never lost on her. On stage, she utilized her position to not only thank those who have been with her throughout her career, but as well as speak about the injustices present in American society, including the abuse experienced by many women all over the world.

We all have lived, too many years in a culture broken by brutally powerful men. For too long, women have not been heard or believed if they dare speak the truth to the power of those men. But their time is up.”

In the recent months, many women have shown their strength as they came out with their own stories of sexual assault and harassment. This has sparked the #MeToo Movement that has since spread to the entire world. Winfrey is one among many of the female members of showbiz that have pushed for the Times Up initiative during the Golden Globes by wearing all black and a decorative pin that symbolize their stand against sexual misconduct in America. Winfrey concluded her speech by promising a better future for all females, wherein no one has to be a victim of sexual harassment ever again.

Following Winfrey’s inspirational speech, Americans have dubbed her as the cure against Donald Trump. She initially had no plans of running for office but a few days after, CNN reported that she has been actively thinking about it. This may really be the beginning of the new day she has forecasted.