1. Watch the flower parades

Photo from CNN

Wake up early (read: bawal Filipino time) for the street parade on February 24, and the float parade on February 25, because locals and tourists alike are going to be reserving their spots as early as 4a.m., even if the parade starts at 8a.m.. Both parades begin at Upper Session Road and make their way to Melvin Jones Grandstand & Football Grounds.

Pro tip: Try getting a spot on the east side (where the sun rises) to avoid the glaring sun.

  1. Eat, eat, and EAT!

Photo from Christian Lucas Sangoyo of Lakad Pilipinas

For those who like to multitask—or, tbh, just eat—the best place to catch the parade and chow down on delicious and very affordable food is at Session Road. Some go-to choices are the classic Café by the Ruins, vegetarian eats at Oh My Gulay, era-themed 50’s Diner, innovative and traditional pizzas at Pizza Volante, and eat-all-you-can Mongolian barbecue at O’ Mai Khan. You can even get a window seat on the second floor of establishments in the area to get that perfect bird’s eye view photo of the parade. O diba, pasok na pasok sa Instagram feed mo na puro top shot at flat lay!

  1. Go on a haunted tour around Baguio

Photo from GMA News

Maybe you’re agoraphobic or just don’t like crowds but if you’re into ghost hunting or just plain scaring yourself for the thrill of it (kasi need mo rin namang ma-excite once in a while), Pine City Fright Tour’s chilling experience is just for you! They have five packages that range from P550-P2800. This includes access to the top haunted hotspots in the city, transportation, pick up and drop off, and a souvenir.

  1. Get artsy with pottery

Photo by Rey Belen of Lifestyle Bucket

In case nagpakain ka sa sistema and bought one too many flowers but have nowhere to put them in, or you just want to channel your inner-Budjoy and play with some clay wishing your Ned would love you back, you can visit Mother’s Garden and try your hand at pottery. Baguio artists and Ifugao natives will be more than willing to show and teach you how to make your own work of art.

  1. Enjoy a nightcap with a view

Photo from Our Awesome Planet

At the end of the day, you might be so done and over all of it. But there’s one last thing you just HAVE to do: head over to Baguio Brewery for that perfect nightcap and enjoy fresh craft brews overlooking the Baguio city view. Not sure what to get? Since they have eighteen different kinds of beer on rotation, you can taste them one by one for free!

At the end of the trip, you may be tired and spent (and I mean literally spent a lot of money on yummy food, delicious beers, and kung anu-anong abubot from the market) but you’ll realize that the weekend was a great way to go on a mini-vacation, do less-touristy things (read: hindi horseback riding at biking), and enjoy time away from Manila’s hustle and bustle. #blessed