At the start of their musical career, The Late Isabel conjured an adventurous and mesmerizing brand of Filipino grit, goth rock, and atmospheric musings capped with a darkly ethereal visual style.

Now, with the release of their second full-length album Imperial, after more than a decade, guitarist and chief songwriter Allan Hernandez takes us through how they evolved their sound into a robust strain of sinister, ambient music that pays homage to the 80s while staying steadfastly contemporary.

As one of the country’s singularly rare acts of pop experimentation, Allan talks about the travails of losing a whole album to technical clusterfuck, narrates the creative process of making their unique brand of music while working with Ely Buendia on Offshore Records, and leads us through the details and inspiration of three of the 12 tracks on the mind-blowing new album.

Fans of dark music won’t want to miss this one.


The Late Isabel’s music is available for streaming on Spotify